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We spent a day with 22-year-old fashion, sneaker and skating enthusiast Aryav as he walked us through his closet

We spent a day with 22-year-old fashion, sneaker and skating enthusiast Aryav (@aryav0) as he walked us through his closet. His style can be defined as youthful, loud and inspired by pop culture. Social media influences people to be and dress a certain way and it’s challenging to step aside from the current and create your own vibe. We believe his style clearly expresses his easygoing and evolving lifestyle.

Q. Hi Aryav, please introduce yourself
Aryav: I am a 22-year-old aspiring film producer who loves everything art and aesthetic. Always in a constant state of evolution and a constant revolt to discover the truth.” Who or what inspires your style? ” I draw inspiration from a lot of different mediums like art, skating, animes, books or movies, pretty much everything that I watch or do on a daily basis. I’m also influenced by the free-spirited, self-expressionism element of the hippie culture and try to combine it in my style and everyday life. My style evolves as my worldview evolves. People-watching also helps, seeing how people occupy space differently in different clothes.

Q. Would you say your lifestyle affects your dressing choices a lot?
Aryav: Absolutely. I think your style reflects your identity, how you are perceived by the world and for me, style makes all the difference. A fresh way to approach things. It is a way of doing, a way of being done. The age-old phrase ‘the way you do anything is the way you do everything’ certainly applies for me here.” What do you look for when you go shopping? “Comfort and aesthetics is always a priority. I would never buy an outfit I cannot relax in.

Q. What are some of your favorite brands? Where do you buy your clothes from?
Aryav: I follow a lot of underground streetwear-inspired brands like @problem6oy, @nika__wear, @plagueround.world and big players like @10deep, @thehundreds etc and @nike because of what it represents (authenticity, being yourself and experimenting and adapting to change) and they care for the true ideology behind street culture unlike most mainstream brands that just cater to trends and hype. I usually go thrift shopping or check out new streetwear brands that are coming up with innovative concepts and designs.

Q. What part of pop culture influences your style? Music, sports, art, fashion?
Aryav: If I had to choose one, it’d be music due to its ability to elevate the spirit and inspire. Sometimes you don’t know how you feel but good music can help define it. The message portrayed of not giving into opinions, always staying true to your values and principles and always doing things with style.

Q. Your everyday footwear brand?
Aryav: It would be #Vans and #nikeairmax. They are comfortable and goes with almost all of my outfits.

Q. You skate a lot, right? How has it affected your style?
Aryav: Yes, I do skate a lot! Skateboarding has sent me towards a more free-spirited, loose (for comfort) and an experimental style overall.

Q.How much of your income do you spend on your wardrobe?
Aryav: I really don’t spend a lot on my wardrobe, except on sneakers maybe. Most of my outfits are thrifts and I just experiment a lot to achieve a certain look. So, I would say less than 20% of whatever I earn. I have adopted a more minimalist mindset towards shopping these days.

Q. Describe your style in two words?

Aryav: Constantly evolving and experimenting.”

Q. Do you think there are limitations when shopping in India?
Aryav: Yes, absolutely. We don’t have access to a lot of brands and the best of what these brands have are not available to us….but these days it’s clearly evident that the culture is growing esp in the main metro cities. Making our own fashion by mixing fashion with culture and lifestyle, our unique art and history is what will take us forward and let us be different. The future is bright for sure.

Q. Where do you buy your sneakers from?
Aryav: I mostly buy my sneakers online through apps like @Goat, @Stockx, @Flightclub or @nike ‘s website and sometimes take part in the raffle sales held at certain Adidas and Nike stores that sell exclusive sneakers.

Q. Top five brands in your wardrobe?
Aryav: @Off_white, @10Deep, @Nike, @problem6oy and @PLAGUEROUND.

Q. Do you feel you need to buy more clothes and shoes, to look fresh? The pressure to not repeat clothes? The pressure to buy more?
Aryav: I’ve never felt this pressure of conforming to other’s perception of looking fresh on social media or even buying more. Not at all. Social media is a great platform to showcase your style and fits but most of the time people take it in the wrong direction which stems from comparison mostly. The way you style and carry yourself matters more to me than whether it’s new or old or trendy. Confidence matters.

Q. Are you aware of Indian streetwear designers? Where would you get your information about Indian streetwear from and do you own any?
Aryav: Recently, I have started to pay more attention to the Indian streetwear culture and I do know a few brands like @_huemn, @Bhaane, @spacebiskit, @Vegnonveg, etc. Certain digital magazines, friends, and Instagram help me stay up to date with what’s happening around. I would 100% invest in an Indian streetwear brand because streetwear is heavily community-driven and this differentiates it and since the youth not only aims to dress well but also to convey messages and feelings. Consumers are always looking for brands that serve a purpose and share their value.


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