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As @hm X @smiley launches in India, we go back to school with @kairosqui , @veegent , @serenamehtaa , @a_g_o_u , @kats__pyjamas , @ny4p1 , @ruru_sang and @gujralsahib , as they look back at the best and not-so-best days of their school life....

What city was your school in and what was your best memory of it: 
– “Jabalpur, Abohar and Pune. Sharing food with the other kids,” @gujralsahib
– “Ajmer. Super long nighttime chats and eating junk.” Katyani
– “Guwahati. Study hour spill the tea days.” @ruru_sang
– “Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Times spent with my closest friends there.” @veegent
– “New Delhi. School trips.” Serena
– “In a Village call ‘Maram’ near the border of Nagaland and it’s one of the top ten college in India. ( Don Bosco maram, Manipur). The time spent with all my hostel and school friends, bunking classes, the outings, photoshoots, and getting so high to the point of passing out only to regret the next day with a horrible hangover. No regrets now.” @a_g_o_u
– “Delhi. Becoming friends with the girls who are still a huge part of my life.” @kairosqui
– “Arunachal Pradesh. In high school me and my friends used to be BIG on journaling, we would write down every spicy detail in our diaries and once in a while we would take turns and read each other’s out loud among us and that would be like a recap of everything saucy that had happened recently.” @ny4p1


What part of school do you absolutely not miss? 
– “All the rules!” @kats__pyjamas 
– “The part where we used to get beat up for the smallest mistakes rather than being able to give explanations for our actions”. @veegent 
– “The annoying teachers,” @gujralsahib
– “I was in a boarding school and I absolutely do not miss waking up at 5 something to get ready for prayer but weirdly that’s also the thing that I miss the most because we had a very strong sense of community that we were almost always happy.” @ny4p1 
– “Homework and exams.” @ruru_sang
– “Math and the teacher, she constantly put me down to a point where numbers trigger me sometimes.” @kairosqui


One thing you learned in school that will stay with you forever?
– “Teamwork is the real deal.” @gujralsahib
– “Patience.” @ruru_sang
– “My art teacher taught me that art can be anything I want it to be, and saw even my doodles as something that deserved praise.” @kairosqui
– “Something profound about friendship lol.” @kats__pyjamas 
– “The value of punctuality and time”. @veegent
– “How to step out of your comfort zone, true personal and professional growth begins where your comfort zone ends, that’s gonna stick with me for life.” @serenamehtaa


Fav school year?
– “11th cuz you’re a senior without the pressure of boards.” @kats__pyjamas
– “8th grade was the sweet spot for me, subjects weren’t hard and the students were older yet not bitter about the world. I had the most fun and there was a sense of unity that came from the stupidest jokes and antics.” @kairosqui
– “12th. That’s when I finally realised the importance of school and it was close to ending.” Vee
– “Class 11 and 12 because I had learned how to have more fun while learning.” @ruru_sang
– “High school, because we were relentlessly stupid, wild, and free.” @gujralsahib
– “11th & 12th, these were the years I actually started prioritizing things and taking responsibilities and challenges. I started to value my friends because I knew these were going to be the few last moments with them.” @serenamehtaa 
– “11th, that’s the year I came out of my comfort zone.” @a_g_o_u
– “5th class just because it was a huge contrast to 4th class, which was my first year living in the school hostel.” @ny4p1 


Any one school rule/curriculum you would change, if you could?
– “There’s too much separation between the girls and the boys. I understand the point of having such rules but eventually doing so will not help either of them be comfortable with each other in the future.” @veegent
– “I can say a lot of things on this but majorly I’d say changing the uniform of girls from skirts to salwar/suit so they don’t “seek attention” was the worst thing ever and that there should be more sports periods than just once a week.” @serenamehtaa . 
– “Believe it or not but we were not allowed to bring deodorants or perfumes to the hostel in high school so we would use weird deo sticks which were gross. Let’s relax with the rules a bit. ” @ny4p1 . 

– “I can say a lot of things on this but majorly I’d d say changing the uniform of girls from skirts to salwar/suit so they do “seek attention” was the worst thing ever and there should be more sports periods than just once a week.” @serenamehtaa .


Define your school days in one line?
– “Chaotic structured mess”. @kairosqui
– “Just random events lined up (some great,others not so much).” @ny4p1
– “It was unreal and quick, like a dream.” @gujralsahib
– “Bizarre fever dream.” Katyani
– “An adventure I’d prefer not to rerun.” @veegent
– “..best part of my life, so far.” @serenamehtaa




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@hm X @smiley

As @hm X @smiley launches in India, we go back to school with @kairosqui , @veegent , @serenamehtaa , @a_g_o_u , @kats__pyjamas , @ny4p1 , @ruru_sang and @gujralsahib , as they look back at the best and not-so-best days of their school life….

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