What does a 21-year-old fashion design student, who loves fashion but hates trends, thinks about fashion right now. We find out with Delhi based design student Nyapi.

What made you choose fashion as a career and how has it been so far? 
“As a child, even when fashion was not accessible to me, the thought of creating designs (which were super impractical 😂) was always so fascinating, but this was just a wild dream which seemed too good to be true esp to a 10-year-old because looking back now, there was no proper representation of Fashion Designers on mainstream media. Even today choosing fashion as a stream is somehow associated with ignorance towards studies because it’s not considered a ‘real Job’.
However, as a young adult reality struck and I decided I was ready to compromise my hopes and dreams for a ‘real Job’ until I graduated from high school. I also realized that it was actually possible and that I could study fashion and make a career out of it. Shoutout to my elder brother for making me realize that I could do anything that I wanted to.”


Where does your fashion inspiration come from?
“Like most people my age these days, my inspiration comes mostly from Instagram. Also, Youtube and Pinterest.” 


At what age did you realize you were into fashion?
“There’s still a video of me at a very young age, going around the house, surrounded by my family where I’m performing a make-believe fashion show. While everyone else is having a good laugh at me, in the video, if you see my face, I look serious and intense like I meant business. I don’t remember what age exactly but I had to be quite young to be conducting make-believe fashion shows with my sister 😂. I know everyone must have done this at some point in their life, but for me it hit different, I think I was always serious about it and totally I meant it.” 


Since you mentioned social media, which influencers inspire you? 

“The top three people that I look up to are @sav_hudson @chloe.felopulos and of course Bella Hadid. I like people with strong personal style; people who aren’t afraid to go all out. The ones who have their own voice and don’t copy paste Instagram trends head to toe.”

Let’s talk about your favorite brands 
“I am a thrifter, I thrift for life! But I would
work my ass off to own pieces from independent designers like 
@linmick and @urtekat.”


Tell us about the pieces you’ve made, the ones you are seen wearing for this shoot…..
“It might sound unreal but most of the time I have absolutely no idea of what I’m making until it’s almost done and then I’m like ‘oh, okay’.
I don’t own a single pattern for that matter. Everything is very unorganized and unplanned until it all comes together.
This does make the process a bit lengthier but I wouldn’t do it any other way because this way I get complete freedom of creativity and I get to explore and learn from the whole process. I’m currently working on my brand called Sikeadelia, where I thrift really cool fabrics in unfortunate silhouettes, and give them a complete makeover. I think it’s a great idea because it’s good for the environment and this way all my pieces will be one of one. I think it’s so important for younger people to not feel pressured about buying new clothes and shoes all the time, every season. I would like to create to encourage reusing, getting creative with what you have, personalizing, and not buying only for the gram. I see a lot of them buy with social media in mind and hoard clothes that will last them less than 2 – 3 wear. To make smarter choices and be under less pressure to wear a new fit all the time for each post. I want to create for people who appreciate art and really put their thought and effort into what goes inside their wardrobe. I want people to wear my one-on-one pieces and feel extremely powerful at the same time take pride in their choice.” 


Best fashion moment of 2021…..
“It has to be the Stiletto Croc from the 
@balenciaga @crocscollab for their Spring 2022 collection. It’s definitely not for everyone but that’s what I like about it and if I had the money to splurge on something so stupid yet so covetable, I would buy them in EVERY colour!!!” 


Which brand had the best digital show of 2021?
“PLEGETHON Rick Owens. I loved how the designs were kind of dark as usual but elegant at the same time. Only he can balance that to perfection. I’ve always loved him for his out-of-the-world creativity, for his unique vision, for staying true to himself yet relevant to the changing times.”

You don’t like trends but since it is FW, what is the one FW trend you are looking forward to…..
“Fluff, a lot of fluff. Esp the fluffy fur hat trend, which according to my calculations via accessive stalking, should emerge in its full-fledged-fluff-form by January. So, I’m planning to make some for myself before the trend is all over my feed, but it should be super fluffy and huge because the semi-fluffy ones are so 2019 and we’re so over it. The other trend that I’m looking forward to would be loud colored/patterned stockings. Although I can’t tell if this will be that widespread, but I’m excited to have fun with them.”

What are your goals for 2022?

“To be mentally and financially independent and to grow my small biz.”


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