#SSSCLOSETS: Featuring @nashjrofficial

We spent a day with @nashjrofficial, as he talks music, fashion, finding his feet with his style and his favourite sneaker of the year.

We spent a day with @nashjrofficial, as he talks music, fashion, finding his feet with his style and his favourite sneaker of the year.

Q. Please introduce yourself to our audience

Nashjr: Hey fam, this is Nash for sssmagazine. Making people have a good time is my main job, and I do it with my music. Shoutout to @sssmagazine for having me here.

Q. How important is fashion in your profession?
Nashjr: My profession is all about stage presence. It’s important for me to express myself not just through my music but through my fashion as well.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?
Nashjr: Fresh, comfortable and ever-evolving. But comfort first, always! Given how hyped I get on the stage, it’s important for me to wear something SUPER comfortable.


Q. How does your profession/DJing inspire your fashion choices?
Nashjr: Absolutely! The people I meet (mostly from music and fashion) are always in their best outfits, some even have their own brands and some just have an amazing style, so yeah… they keep me inspired. My work includes a lot of travel. And the more I travel, the more I get inspired by people I meet and the places I get to see.

Q: Favorite brand?
Nashjr: Nike because duh! Also, Nike because of the dopest sneakers they make, that are not only comfortable but also have elements of fashion.

Q. How much do you spend on your wardrobe?
Nashjr: Let’s just say it’s anywhere between 30 to 50% of my income.

Q: Do you find limitations in shopping good streetwear in India?
Nashjr: Limitations are plenty. First of all, there are only limited drops. Second, even if we order something from outside, the duties fee we end up paying is waaaaaaay too much.

Q. Are you aware of Indian streetwear brands?
Nashjr: Yes, I am well aware. There are many including @norblacknorwhite, @delhiwear, @a_lotstudio, @bhaane, @noughtone01 and many more. Social media, Instagram in particular, where we see Indian streetwear brands growing. I would love to start a brand of my own someday, it is definitely on top of my list.

Q. Your favourite sneaker of the year?
Nashjr: AJ4 Bred 2019. Everybody who is a die-hard fan of basketball would know the importance of this particular sneaker. It did have the greatest feature of the period. Always wanted to cop one as a kid. Both on and off-court, it has made a huge impact.

Q. Who or what inspires your personal style?
Nashjr: My style is ever-evolving. People I meet along the way, whether it is when I am traveling or my friends from fashion and music etc…. they inspire my fashion choices. Other than, of course, Instagram and sports stars and musicians.


Q. Any brand on top of your mind you would want to collaborate with?
Nashjr: There’s a long list. But for starters, I would love to collaborate with all the homegrown labels like @vegnonveg, @norblacknorwhite, @a_lotstudio, @_huemn, @noughtone01, etc.

Q. What do you look for in the outfits you buy when you go shopping?
Nashjr: Comfortable fit. If it fits me well and if I can move around freely, I’m taking it. You will see a lot of hoodies and matching track pants in my closet, they are the most comfortable and never go out of style.

Q. Since your work takes you to different places around the country, which city has the best-dressed people according to you?
Nashjr: To be honest, people from Delhi, Mumbai and the whole of north-east are the most well-dressed. Especially in the north-east, people know how to turn up with the best outfits that are not only cool but are unique and not always blindly trend-focused.

Q. What got you interested in fashion and sneakers?
Nashjr: It all started from my early school days. I was into basketball and Hip Hop since the very beginning and it played a major role in shaping up my style.



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