Meet 28-year-old dentist and dancer Sneha as she talks about her love for fashion, dance, dentistry and colors.

Featuring Sneha in the most quirky outfits we haven't seen for long

Meet 28-year-old dentist and dancer Sneha as she talks about her love for fashion, dance, dentistry and colors.

Sneha: @sneha.shandilya

Q. Is dancing a profession or a hobby?
Sneha: It is my profession. But the learning never ends.

Q. How do you juggle both?
Sneha: It juggles me 😛. But I am game. Dancing not only makes my soul happy but also balances the seriousness of dentistry. One lets me be a humanitarian and the other allows me to be more human.

Q. You mentioned that people judge you for your looks and tattoos at your job as a dentist?
Sneha: Every profession has its cliches. People do comment and judge my capabilities as a dentist because of my fashion choices. It is the talent and hard work that should matter, not my braids and tattoos.

Q. Who is your fashion inspiration
Sneha: Anyone, famous or not, as long as they make a personal statement with their fashion.

Q. How important is fashion to you and for your career path?
Sneha: For me, it is important to build a character and not just only a wardrobe. Every successful artist has a style that is recognizable to others and personal to them.

Q. A quote you live by?
Sneha: Hakuna Matata.

Q. Define your personal style
Sneha: Urban, Caribbean and a lot of colors.

Q. Tell us about your dance genre. Does the mix of culture in dance inspire you?
Sneha: I found my rhythm in #dancehall and #afrobeat. Dance becomes explosive when you sprinkle culture to it.

Q. What is your advice to girls who want to take up dancing as a career? Should they have a plan B?
Sneha: Dance has so much opportunity. Every year we have new genres, new opportunities, and new platforms. Train hard and be focused to ensure you don’t need a plan B.



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