SSSEDITORIAL: Pop it up a notch!

In this editorial we explore how we can experiment more with streetwear in India.

We explore how we can experiment more with streetwear in India.


Tanvi (@fearless_agathist)
Vizo (

Sangey (@sangey_geylek)
Nisha (@nisham5560, @ninjasmodelmanagement)
Sanjali (@sanjali_sethi)
Neha (@erumsz)
Kapil (@_kapil_bishnoi (@ninjasmodelmanagement)


Tanvi (@fearless_agathist) is wearing: Sneakers, @adidasoriginals ozweego; Trousers, @benetton ; Shirt, @sahilaneja. 

Aasha (@ashaapashaa) is wearing: Sneakers, @filaindia Boveasorus; T-shirt, @puma; Shorts, jacket, @sahilaneja
Vizo (

@vizokhonokuotsuis) wearing: Hoodie, @adidasoriginals; Sneakers, @puma Cell Stellar; Skirt, @hm. 

Sangey (@sangey_geylek) is wearing: Sneakers, @filaindia Mindblower; T-shirt, jacket, @filaindia; Pants, @eytys x @hm. 
Nisha (@nisham5560, @ninjasmodelmanagement) is wearing: Sneakers, @filaindia Silva; Skirt, shirt, gloves, @hm; Sunglasses, @vogueeyewear. 
Sanjali (@sanjali_sethi) is wearing: Sneakers, @puma RS-X Hard Drive; Bag, @benetton; Jumper, skirt, @hm; Sunglasses, @oakley
Neha (@erumsz) is wearing: Sneakers, @adidasoriginals EQT Gazelle; Sunglasses, @vogueeyewear ; Shorts, shirt, blazer, @sahilaneja ; Sunglasses, @vogueeyewear.
Kapil (@_kapil_bishnoi (@ninjasmodelmanagement) is wearing: Sneakers, @adidasoriginals EQT Gazelle; Trousers, hoodie, @adidasoriginals; Backpack, @levis; Fannypack, @zara; Highneck, @hm


Kapil @_kapil_bishnoi is wearing: Sneakers, @adidasoriginals EQT Gazelle; Bag, jumper, high neck, pants, jacket, @filaindia; Muffler, @_huemn .
Manav @manav4dh is wearing: Sneakers, @nike Zoom 2K; Coat, @sahilaneja ; Pants, @benetton ; High neck, @hm ; Sling bag, @adidasoriginals

Neha @erumsz is wearing: Sneakers, @puma Cell Stellar; Dress, @hm; Socks, @adidasoriginals


Vizo @vizokhonokuotsu is wearing: Sneakers, @puma Cell Alien; Denims, @_huemn; T-shirt, @adidasoriginals.


Vizo @vizokhonokuotsu is wearing: Hoodie, @adidasoriginals; Skirt, @hm.
Tanvi @fearless_agathist is wearing: Trousers, @benetton; Shirt, @sahilaneja; Fanny pack, @adidasoriginals

Sanjali @sanjali_sethi is wearing: Sneakers, @puma RS-X Hard Drive; Jumper, bag, @hm; Sunglasses, @vogueeyewear; Pants, @_huemn.
Tanvi @fearless_agathist is wearing: Sneakers, @adidasoriginals; Trousers, @_huemn; Jacket, @levis; Sunglasses, @oakley



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