PUMA India x Sneakerpimps

Puma celebrates 50 years of the Suede...

As PUMA celebrates 50 years of the Suede in collaboration with Sneaker Pimps, we caught up with sneakerheads to share their Suede journey.We discuss the past, present and the future of the iconic PUMA Suede and what makes it timeless? What makes the PUMA Suede a classic?

It was the first shoe that dared to be different from the canvas and leather-based shoes of its time. Compared to other kicks, it had a thicker rubber sole and a nice round silhouette. The Tommie Smith and John Carlos power salute incident at the Olympics carved their place in history.” Aman @_thatshoeguy_

“It is its clean design that appeals to everyone and makes it iconic.” Henry, @henryvinoth

“The Suede has an identity of its own. It is very much the feel of the old model yet it is modern, the Suede material offers a premium look at an affordable price tag. It is a consistently loved pair that has undergone enhancements since its beginnings and is a must-have for everyone.” Joan, @thewhitehairedguy

“My first memory of the Suede are these black Velcro PUMA Suede I had as a kid. The shoe is iconic and with each passing year we’re all becoming a part of its ever growing, glorious heritage.” Sarthak, @plaiditwellstyle

“For me, fashion has always been about individuality. The best thing about the Suede is that you can style them effortlessly to match your style. Whether you rock a pair of track pants or sport a chic skirt, the suedes are timeless classics that fit into everybody’s style.” Shivani, @shivani.boruah

“If I could design a Suede, I’d do something crazy! Glow in the dark midsole, velcro Puma stripe that can be changed. Some crazy animal prints like green zebra, or purple & pink tiger stripes or some crazy camo colours & multiple lace colours. Make it loud! Also, use newer technologies they develop to make it lighter & increase comfort.” Shaunm@f17starscream

“Its unchanging identity and sticking to its laid-back style is what makes the Suede timeless. Fifty years from now, people are still gonna love the design and the style of the Suede just as much as we do now. I wouldn’t change much.” Rinmoii, @thebaewasted

“Back in school, I saw a senior rocking them. Fell in love with them the moment I saw the senior wearing it with white socks. Since I was an average student, I studied really hard just to convince my parents to buy me a pair of black Puma Suedes. I like the Suede as it is, but if I happen to customize it, I would definitely make it chunky.” Mayank, @_chigga_23


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