We ask the youth to share their hopes for 2018!

Wearing selections from Nike Winterwear, we ask the youth from across the country to share their hopes for 2018! #2018ready


Q. What would you like people around you to be more acceptable towards in 2018?

“STOP LABELLING EVERYTHING!” @awokaawomi, 22, Illustrator.




Q. If you get a chance to do one good thing in 2018, what would it be?

“I see a lot of talented people from the Northeast of India, but then I feel a lot of them don’t know how to move forward, esp in the fashion industry. I would like to inspire them to break such barriers and do things which are close to their heart. In the future, with my experience, I hope I can help where I can.” @rubiboro, 20, Model. 


Q. What’s the first good thing you plan to do in 2018?

“Legitimately spread positivity and happiness as much as I can! We need this!” @srushtiporey, 18, Student and model. 

Q. What does it mean to be a woman in 2018?

“Independent and fearless.” @vagavoom, 22, Student 

Q. What would your message be for the youth in 2018?

“I’m in the same space so I can’t say much but since I got this platform, let me just say this: your life is not social media. Adios!” @awokaawomi, 22, Illustrator.




Q. One thing you want people to be more accepting towards, in 2018?

“Failure. The only thing you need to accept if you want to be successful. Failure is a step towards the end goal, it’s not the end.” @hiteshbisht10, 22, Footballer and model

Q. One thing that you would want people around you to be more accepting towards, in 2018?
“The word ‘NO’.” @vagavoom, 22, Student.

Q. One thing you would like to achieve in 2018?

“To represent India again at ‘The Krumpire’ 2018. It was so rewarding and fulfilling to represent the country at an international platform for dance!” @hectik_famouscrew, 23, Dancer.



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