SSSCLOSETS: Featuring Designer/Photographer @ishikamadaan

We spent a day with Ishika as she talks about the inspiration behind her unique style...

Ishika Madaan has a very interesting taste in fashion that is unique to herself. We spent a day with her as she talks about the inspiration behind her unique style

Q. Describe your style?
Ishika: I would say my style is not constant, say unpredictable, for me as well. If it is something original, expressive, multi-layered, baggy, cosy – I am about it! Lately, it’s been all of that together and I love it.

Q. What genre of pop culture affects your style?
Ishika: AAH, you’ve seen my wardrobe- it’s a huge mix! But let’s say music and art affect my style the most. I have grown up listening to hip-hop, then got introduced to folk music, blues, reggae and what not. I have also been a creative child who was always learning about different artists, painting techniques, ruining canvases and all that so I think I appreciate a wide range of styles.

Q. You’ve spent some time in New York, how has the fashion/life/people there affected your personal style?
Ishika: My third year of college was in New York and grateful enough, I met the
best people there. Shoutout to everyone who I met there!! That one year had a huge impact on me- be it fashion, music, creativity, ethics; I have learned so much. I wouldn’t say my personal style has switched completely, but it is definitely more polished now and I like it better too.

Q. Top 5 brands in your closet?
1. @midnightstudios
2. @rafsimons
3. @dickies
4. @gucci
5. @vingtorofnorway

Q. Where do you shop from?
Ishika: For at least 2 years I have been watching my purchases a lot. Before 2018, I was guilty of buying from H&M because I wasn’t aware of the impact that fast fashion had on the environment. Also, I was never a person who indulged in retail therapy, I think a bar of chocolate and a soda can would do it for me. But always better to learn than not! Ever since, I have chosen to thrift, buy second-hand, and even if it is new just buy very less. I would say in the past few years I have purchased from L Train Vintage, Buffalo Exchange, Sarojini Nagar, SSENSE & MR PORTER.

Q. You have a lot of accessories and some really quirky and statement ones. Is that your personal style? Is there a reference to any style icon?
Ishika: Yes, few of the pieces in my accessories are gifted to me and I just enjoy wearing them. Any style icon…a few people have mentioned Iris Apfel but funny enough I was already wearing fat chunky glasses when I first saw her on Netflix. But I love her and her style; No jokes, if I live that long, I would definitely wanna rock my 90s like that!

Q. How important is it to have a personal sense of style? And what makes yours different?
Ishika: My father always made sure that I get to pick my outfits when I was little and he also made sure that I liked what I wear and I used to pick stuff from both girls and boys section; now I mostly buy from men’s fashion. I have also deregistered gender, I believe gender is a man-made concept. I just wear whatever I like, there’s no previously seen fit in mind, or rules, or trends, there is just my wardrobe and the pieces that I mix-n-match.

Q. Your style icon?
Ishika: Straight up – A$AP ROCKY and Alessandro Michele.

Q. You also design your own Tshirts… tell us about it?
Ishika: That T-shirt is literally me venting out! My friend, Antony Riddle was talking to me when I was going through some shit and he told me that the world sucks and whatever bothers you, just channel that energy into art, and create! So “DEATH WILL NOT KILL YOU” is just me shouting that death can not kill you but some shit in life might so stay clear and keep working hard! And if you want to know about me and clothes in 2020, I would be upcycling some old clothes and creating one-off pieces.

Q. Who were your favorite artists/pop stars growing up? And how has that influenced your style later on in life?
Ishika: My favorite ones were – Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, John Mayer, Kanye West, The Black Eyes Peas, Far East Moment. I would say I love meeting new people and traveling; music has helped in that and also with my style. I had a phase when I was 13 I guess, when I emulated Eminem’s style, used to wear t-shirts that were 4 times my size.

Q. What do you want to see in 2020 in fashion, in India?
Ishika: I want to see people indulging in second-hand clothing or slow fashion more and appreciating it as well. Also stroked about a wider range of people appreciating vintage pieces, I see that acceptance and love for vintage coming back this year.


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