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Huemn is one of India’s first streetwear brand and we love everything about them

Huemn is one of India’s first streetwear brand and we love everything about them. So obviously when their latest (and dopest collection yet!) dropped, we had to try it on some of our sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts to see how well they gel with sneakers and how the vibe and silhouette of each piece fall perfectly on both guys and girls. We also talk to Shyma Shetty, the co-founder of Huemn about the collection. 
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Q. What is the inspiration behind the collection and who is the collection for?
Shyma: HUEMN’s Fall 19 is a journey through the two faces of Kashmir- its beautiful and bountiful landscapes; and the raw, dynamic energy of young people there. The collection is for someone who likes both- comfort and ease in their clothing; and luxurious handmade surfaces with meticulous detail. It is for someone who dresses effortlessly but mindfully.
Q. Tell us about the process of making some of the pieces. We really liked the leather/mesh mix jumper and pants with vibrant colors!
Shyma: The embroidered pieces take hundreds of hours to make and are meticulously handcrafted in-house with various materials so there’s a lot of play that happens to figure out what would be the best fit in the patterns. Usually it’s a process of selection of fabrics and then colors then treatment. A multitude of swatches with surface ornamentation techniques are made and then silhouettes follow. We make toiles and once we settle on what we like most, the final sample is made for approval. It’s a fun and chaotic process but we never start with designing looks on paper. We make products as separates and then style them.
Q. You were at Pitti Uomo, that’s amazing! What was the reaction to your collection by visitors and customers at Pitti?
Shyma: Pitti Uomo is the most important men’s fair in the industry and one that we have always looked up to as the starting point to a fresh new season. They have always had the best curation of cutting edge designers and Pranav and I were honored to be on their roster this year. They invited us to be part of the 95th edition of Pitti Uomo in January 2019. The space we were in was ‘UNCONVENTIONAL’- the project reserved for the feistiest versions of luxury street wear that is hyper-contemporary and gender neutral, which was a perfect fit for HUEMN’s debut at the fair. It was wonderful. The Italians are very fond of luxurious craftsmanship and it was a pleasure to introduce our work to them. It led to many wonderful discussions and new friendships and partnerships. We will be continuing working with Pitti.
Q. Tell us about your collaboration with Reebok? Is the collection somehow inspired by sneakers? What is the connection of the collection to sneakers?
Shyma: Whether it is the talent we collaborate with or just the muse to our clothing lines, the language that Huemn speaks in has always been young and dynamic and has its roots in street culture and sneakers have played a significant role in that culture. The collection does draw a heavy reference from the original chunky sneakers and has comfort at its core. We’ve signed up with Reebok for the year again and they complement the clothes perfectly.
Q. Is the collection unisex?
Shyma: Gender is not something we actively think about while making a collection. At the same time, when you are in the business of constructing garments, sizing is key to a great fit. Different genders and body types have different sizing that we keep in mind to make sure the garment someone picks becomes an extension of them and fits like a glove. But yes, essentially- it is genderless with custom fits for different people.
Q. Whats for the brand in 2019? 
Shyma: We are scaling up rapidly and have our fingers in multiple pies, whether it is new stores and partnerships or our campaigns and collaborations. We will be showing an extension of this Fall19 at India Fashion Week in March, we’re working on multiple collections right now which will then drop in succession, after. We’re also planning our seasonal campaigns and also are expanding into the European market.


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