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We ask the students in Delhi about the best thing about fashion in 2017.

We ask the students in Delhi about the best thing about fashion in 2017.

Photographer: @anubhav_sood


@emee.j.m, 22, Design Student.

BEST THING ABOUT FASHION IN 2017? As a design student, menswear has always been my forte. Crafting suits with a personal signature has always been my dream. And with queer ideologies taking a bigger role in fashion, gender fluid individuals have more and more and options. This kind of openness and belongingness is exactly what the world needs now and that is what 2017 gave us.

WHO GAVE YOU MAJOR FASHION INSPIRATION IN 2017? John Waters is and will always be my inspiration. But that being said, I always liked Thom Browne. The fabrications used in each piece and the overall look created made me his fan.

WHICH BRAND DOMINATED YOUR WARDROBE IN 2017? As a part of the art collective, Christian Boltanski’s piece Dispersion, I have made a conscious effort to thrift primarily as it has a sense of community in it. But otherwise, the most purchased brand will be Marc Jacobs. The garments are preferred as I enjoy the silhouettes and the fabrics making it apt for daily wear.”

Emee is wearing: Jacket, @adidasoriginals ; Sunglasses, @forever21

@shreya.josh, 21, Artist.

BEST THING ABOUT FASHION IN 2017? The rise in ethical wear was revolutionary. More brands started up-cycling their clothes, fashion influencers started thrifting and weren’t afraid to show it. There were anti-fur campaigns, sweatshop centric brands were boycotted, but most importantly researchers were partnered with to work on alt-fabrics like vegan leather and worm-free silk. Being environment-friendly and keeping it fashionable is such a step forward.

WHAT DEVELOPMENTS DID YOU WITNESS AROUND STREET CULTURE IN INDIA ESPECIALLY IN 2017? India is definitely arriving and is in the same pool as many other fashion-forward countries. Brands are more conscious; there’s been a rise in the diversity of their models. Concept stores like the Nike Kicks Lounge have opened up, where opening nights are a celebration with like minded influencers. Puma India shot a film inspired by ‘Gully Culture’ featuring rappers, dancers and street artists from all over India. I think the democracy behind the collaborations between sports, fashion, music and art makes Indian street culture such a beautiful thing to look forward to.

THREE CREATIVE PEOPLE THAT INSPIRED YOU IN 2017? @avanope she started out as an artist playing around with branded clothes, mashing different brand logos, making fakes as a form of art and commentary on society. But now she’s working with companies like Mark Jacobs and Helmut Lang. Her style is still playful and funny. @coco_pinkprincess for all your micro-fashion needs, she’s so tiny but she can pull 10 differently patterned layers at one time, I’m always inspired by her looks to do a lil mis-matching @taylorlashae one of the main reasons I take inspo from her is because I have the same haircut and in my head if it looks good on her it should look good on me ya know. But she has a very free-spirited sense of style and I love that.

Shreya is wearing: Coat, skirt, @hm ; T-shirt, @gstarraw

@sherwin_court, 22, Student.

AN ARTIST WHO INSPIRED YOU THE MOST IN 2017? @sitabellan, has been serving looks and head turns for me. Whatever she wears is like wearable art and I love it, and she has been giving a lot of inspiration and she is the ideal woman I would love to design for.

BEST BRAND COLLAB OF 2017? Fenty X Puma. I think the main reason was that the collaboration has always been about staying true to the youth icon’s blueprint, which is, promoting diversity. Other than the wide range of options for both men and women, participating in activities ranging from an active day of exercise to a casual night of dancing. Another benefit of Rihanna’s celebrity is her ability to connect and communicate with her diverse fan base that market polls and focus groups have yet to reach. It can be summed up as: the people spoke, and RiRi listened.

BEST THING ABOUT FASHION IN 2017? Vibrancy, celebrating ugly, going bold! Fashion in 2017 wasn’t for the shy! The trends included lots of color, but went one step further by clashing to the max. Think of eye-popping fuchsia, zingy yellow, pink, grass green, blue and red, purple and white, the choices are endless. Dad sneakers got cooler thanks to their bulky silhouettes and daring color schemes. 2017 was all about making ugly cool and celebrating weirdness. In 2017, wearing something tacky became a point of pride for the au courant. Fashion was obsessed with all things ugly, from ’70s-esque corduroy suits and garish Hulk-sized sneakers to tailored clothes! It was a year for the bold.

Sherwin is wearing: Jumper, @hm


@kalakaarshaggy, 24, Tattoo Artist.

THE MOST TALKED ABOUT BRAND COLLAB OF 2017? According to the people around me, it was ‘Gigi Hadid X Tommy Hilfiger’. The collab really pushed the marketing game, flying influencers and models to Los Angeles via “#AirTommy” and taking over Venice Beach for a mini-festival. It was just the right combination of the classic American brand meets the country’s most popular girl of 2017.

HREE CREATIVE PEOPLE, WHO INSPIRED YOU IN 2017? Tattoo and fashion go hand in hand. Other than a lot of tattoo artists, I keenly follow fashion, and these are the top three who inspire me: @Whoiselijah@jerrylorenzo and @mikeamiri_

WHICH BRAND DOMINATED YOUR WARDROBE IN 2017? H&M. They have more variety in comparison to other fast fashion brands and the price is easy on the pocket. However, what strikes me more is their effort towards a more sustainable future. By 2020 ‘H&M aims for 100% of its cotton to be sustainably sourced’. Fashion should build the country, the economy without killing the planet, therefore such steps are appreciated and much needed.

Shobit is wearing: Jacket, @gstarraw


@shimreipamsolo_2000_2_18, 17, Student.

WHICH INDIVIDUAL INSPIRED YOU THE MOST IN 2017? “James Edward Quaintance III (@therealjimmyq ) or Jimmy Q as he is famously known. One of the very few people in fashion with his own signature look. Jimmy Q is a walking talking piece of art! He can carry off the ‘bad-boy’ look with so much sophistication and then transform himself into a ‘tattooed-gentleman’ just as easy. A modern day Elvis meets James Dean, if I may say so.

WHICH BRAND DOMINATED YOUR WARDROBE IN 2017? It was a mix between H&M and Vans! When it comes to sneakers, it will always be Vans. They always have a simple, clean style that is unique with a super laid-back feel that makes them the go-to shoes! However, when it comes to Vans’ clothes, it is pretty dead (at least in India). I really hope they release more unique collections from the international collaborations here.

WHAT WAS THE BEST THING ABOUT FASHION IN 2017? Just to see everyone making more effort to look better, to present themselves better is great! Street fashion has always been there, but in 2017 it went from just ‘fashion week’ and the ‘occasional dressing’ to everybody making a statement and trying to maintain an image everyday. It is safe to say that 2017 pushed everyone to look better, dress better and to maintain a better image.

Solo is wearing: Jacket, @hm ; Pants, @nikesportswear ; Shirt, @zara ; Sneakers, @vans


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