India’s FIRST sneaker festival: Soledition

The country's most enthusiastic and popular sneakerheads tell us what they expect and look forward to at India's first sneaker festival.

Soledition brings you India’s first ever sneaker festival on the 25th of Feb 2018 in Delhi. We caught up with the capital’s most enthusiastic and passionate sneakerheads at the festival venue to discuss what they expect and look forward to as the country witnesses a major rise of interest towards sneakers, sneakerheads and the hype around it.


“Super excited about @soledition as it is the first streetwear festival. I would love to see people with the same passion for streetwear and sneakers chilling together.” @_chigga_23 .


“@soledition, being India’s first homegrown sneaker event is very exciting for me as it’s a confluence of a lot of subcultures that have been brewing around the country like sneakerheads, skateboarders, bboys and more, and it is exciting to see everyone at one place doing their thing.” @bioblad3 .



“I am looking forward to seeing @officialdjsa at @soledition. I also look forward to the @vans @newbalance and @asics stall. To be present at India’s first sneaker festival will be cool😎 .“ @ardyghosh.


“To meet like-minded fashion and sneaker enthusiasts is super exciting! To take part in @soledition is an added joy.” @shiarai .





“Looking forward to meeting fellow sneakeheads at @soledition and talk about kicks. It’s the first one in India, so I am not too sure what to expect. But from what I’ve heard, its going to be amazing. I really love the location and the view of the city it offers. Looking forward to seeing which brands set up shop and hopefully they will be selling some exclusive kicks. I am also looking forward to the entertainment etc that will be on display.” @f17starscream .


“At the festival (@soledition ) I’m most excited about the people really- I can’t wait to see the sneakers that they show up wearing. I’m also super excited about the skaters. I don’t skateboard myself but I think the sport is such a great extension of the street culture, and is a visual treat.” @shyamli .


“Looking forward at @soledition to meeting people who share similar taste in classic sneakers, like me, good music and having a great time overall as a community. Excited to see people coming out from all over Delhi NCR and gather for the love of sneakers and the stories that they have to tell. ✌🏽” @jiidawg



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