What makes the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars the most popular sneaker of all time?

We speak to big-time converse fans to know what makes this iconic shoe loved by all

Street fashion and the trends around it change every season. Sneaker styles come and go, one day it is the dad shoe and the next it is a whole new game. One sneaker that has stood the test of time and has been a part of almost every streetwear or fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe is the Converse Chuck Taylors. We speak to big-time converse fans to know what makes this iconic shoe loved by all.

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Featuring: @nj_16aa, @wungmi, @fantasticbreezy_colourheadguy, @urvashi.art


How many All-Stars have you bought to date?

“I bought my first pair when I was 11. I’ve owned five pairs since and have always had one loyal pair that I wear till destroyed.” @urvashi.art


What are your first memories of the Chucks?

“My first memory of Converse shoes was when I was 7 years old in Caracas in Venezuela. My father’s ship was docked there for 4 months straight. We would spend the entire day by the beach. By the beach, I would watch these older teenage kids hanging about and skating, most of them in Converse shoes. As a tiny little kid duckling, I was super fascinated by these older cool kids. At first, I was very intimidated but they caught me staring at them and called me over. When they realized that I lived on a ship, the cool tables were turned. We became friends in spite of the language barrier. I still found them scary.”@urvashi.art

“When I was in 9th grade, my mom bought me this really cool printed converse which literally none of my friends had and I was so hyped about it. That was my first. ” @wungmi.


What makes it a classic?

“I have worn my converse while painting, while in the workshop in overalls, with a cutsie pretty dress, on Diwali in Indian clothes, while rescuing dogs and for dinner parties. They go with any outfit, any activity, unlike many other sneaker styles. I feel great in them irrespective. And I have long skinny feet. They fit me super snug” @nj_16aa


“Honestly, I have lost count of the number of All-Stars that I have bought till date, it is way beyond 10. What I like about them is that the more you wear them, the better they look. They just keep getting softer and more comfortable as well. Chucks are shoes that allow for a lot of personal expressions. You can customize your chucks to your taste, mood, and outfits and to trends.” @wungmi.


What is it about these sneakers that make them loved by and worn by almost everyone?

“Converse shoes are for everyone. The style is just right. It is minimal yet has a strong identity. They look great on literally every member of the family and every person you know. ” @wungmi.

“I have long skinny feet. They fit me super snug. They go with any outfit, any activity, unlike many other sneaker styles.” @urvashi.art



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