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Signature Style – Malkeet Singh

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Name Malkeet Singh

What do you do I work as a fashion stylist, I also model and I am a consultant with Juicy Couture.

Instagram @god_of_the_curly_world

Who is your style inspiration I’m quite influenced by Young Thug these days. I mean why not, he’s cool.

Who is the best dressed Indian Sumiran Kabir from Anaam and my friend Lir, they are the example of owning your own kind of style.

Three Instagram pages you keep an eye for style inspiration @nytimesfashion, @streetstyled and @stylesightworldwide.

One Indian brand you wear Rajesh Pratap Singh

What do you look forward to in 2017 and what do hope says goodbye from 2016 I’m looking forward to wear Robes as an outerwear. And I hope for thigh –high boots for men. Also, I am working on my website, to document my personal style. I want wedge shoes to take a bow (LIKE NOW!).

Best place in India to hangout to spot cool outfits I think Pondicherry is pretty cool, I love the whole Parisian vibe. For outfit inspiration, Shahpurjat in Delhi, is the place to be.

What do you think of street fashion in India We need to explore more of their inner self and what works for us instead of blindly following trends.

Best dressed Indian I would like to style Ranveer Singh as I see individuality and love for fashion.

How has being well dressed played a role in your life Especially when you work in the fashion industry, it is very important and trust me when I say that it does land you jobs. I got my first job because of the way I was dressed for the event, I met the person in charge and immediately landed a job with her only because she loved my outfit.

Which brand do you think should come to India next That has to be with the same quality of services they have in UK.

How much of your income goes into shopping Gosh!! This is very easy for me to answer!! I love shopping and I always end up broke by the month end as I almost spend most of my salary on it.


What is your fashion resolution I would like to start my website to promote the idea of following your inner voice and to make your personal aesthetics drive your style, that is the only way to grow.

What is the best thing that happened to you in 2017 That would definitely be the launch of Street Style Spotlight and the chance to showcase your personal style, to look forward to a mix of people not necessarily from the same industry and witness a variety of style. Genuine un-staged style is appreciated.


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